Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Chemnitz 2021

Mon cirque à moi

My Very Own Circus
Ein Zirkus für mich allein
Directed by: 

Laura has always beeen on the road, as assistant of her father, a professional clown. But at 13, she wants a more stable life and mostly, to go to school regularly. And maybe also to oppose her father.

With bright images, sets and scenes full of poetry, the director subtly unfolds a scenario full of humor, twists and turns, sorrows and small victories. Thanks to the friendship of a neighbor and the kindness of a teacher, Laura will finally be able to continue her studies, without losing  the fantasy of her previous life.

It is with delicacy that the film shows the difficulty of being a parent and letting children live a different life: we can love each other without being alike. Our emotional life is a circus and we all are clowns!