10th INTERFILM Award for Promoting Interreligious Dialogue, Venice, 2021

Amiras father, Nawar,  a Palestinian,  is imprisoned for life in an Israeli prison. For the Israeli he is a terrorist, for the Palestinians he is a hero. 17 year old Amira was born although her mother, Mary,  did not have had sex with her father Nawar. His sperm was smuggled out of the prison. During the course of the film Amira discovers with drastic consequences who she really is.

The film is about walls between people and questions how enemies can live together.

Amira is not so much a political film, but moreover a personal story. Women find their own voice in a male dominated society against the background of the political situation of the Middle East.

The film also questions who we really are. Is it a matter of nature or nurture?

Amira is based on a real story about approximately one hundred people who were in a similar situation as Amira.