Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Berlin, 2020 (International Competition)

Sheytan vojud nadarad

There Is No Evil
Es gibt kein Böses
Directed by: 

The movie reflects upon the importance of moral conscience in four episodes, telling the stories of four men who are confronted with carrying out death penalties and the people surrounding them. Especially the stories of young men faced with this task during their military service, one escaping, another facing the task, and the complications and deep moral conflicts these killings bring about for them confront the audience with the disturbing reality in the Iranian political and judicial system. The actions of these men have a deep impact on the relationships to their loved ones and families, especially the strong female characters. The atmosphere of political persecution is unsettling. In a very impressive way the film depicts the options that exist, and gives a sense of the possibility of decision and resistance even under political pressure. Thus it shows an impressive fundamental critique of death penalty in general and especially of the oppressive system in Iran by means of outstanding storytelling and cinematography and the intense acting. In this the film is a strong statement of human dignity which constitutes us as a person in Iran and everywhere (phto: © Cosmopol Film).