Commendation of the Ecumenical Jury, Berlin, 2020 (Panorama)

Her upcoming wedding day will change Muna’s life forever. It is the day she makes her decision, not about her groom already chosen for her, but whether to seek freedom outside of Saudi Arabia. A woman of courage facing dangers and challenges, Muna plots her escape from her paternalistic society. Exactly because she is a person of compassion and love for family values, she has to leave. This coming-of-self-determination-story is real, authentic and touching, being totally put together of smartphone videos. Susanne Regina Meures as the director with Muna as protagonist and person created more than a film, together they added feminism to smartphone and cast dignity of women as a bridge instead of a border. And together they added a young woman to Germany who is happy about the sun of freedom inside – and so very fine about the rain outside (photo: © Christian Frei Filmproductions).