Prix Interculturel at the FilmSchoolFest Munich 2022

Jury of the Interfilm Academy Awards British Films

At the 41st FilmSchoolFest Munich (13.11.-19.11.2022), a jury of the Interfilm Academy awarded the Prix Interculturel (2.000 €, donated by the Interfilm Academy) to "Love Death and Everything in Between" by Soham Kundu (London College of Communication, UK). The jury (Galina Antoschewskaja, Eckart Bruchner, Bhagu T. Chellaney and Christine Weissbarth) was impressed by how sensitively - also in retrospect - three people from different cultural backgrounds, roles and genders are shown dealing with the death of their son and friend. "In their deep longing, all three people realise that the loss cannot be overcome. They can only learn to live with it and deal with the pain together."

The jury also awarded a Commendation to Sara Massieu for "I Was Attacked" (London College of Communication, UK). The film also received the Audience Award.