Oulu Film Festival for Children and Youth 2017

"Look At Me" Award for "About the Birds and the Bees"
About the Birds and the Bees

The „Look at me“-Award of the Church Media Foundation of Finland at the Oulu Film Festival for Children and Youth 2017 (Nov. 11-19, 2017) was given to the short film Kukista ja mehiläisistä (About the Birds and the Bees) by J. J. Vanhanen.

The film tells a story about a teenage boy and girl to whom that accident happens.

The Media Foundation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland grants a 1500-Euro prize to a Finnish feature or short film at the festival. The prize is intended to support Finnish films for children and young people and encourage film makers to examine Christian responsibility and values. This year the recipient was chosen by producer, director and screenwriter Nina Granvik.

According to Ms. Granvik, the film's makers have been bold enough to try and reach a very difficult target group, teenagers. She added that the strength of the film is its compassionate humour.