Interfilm Magyarország / Interfilm Hungary established at the end of August

A few months ago, four enthusiastic Hungarian INTERFILM members committed to films decided to set up a Hungarian member organization on the model of Interfilm Switzerland. The decision was followed by, thanks to many follow-up and active organizing work, on August 28, 2020, 13 people founded the Interfilm Magyarország (Interfilm Hungary) Association. 9 of the founders also became new members of the international organization.

Interfilm Hungary works at the local level with the support of the international organization and along its goals. The main reason for the establishment of the Hungarian organization was that the founders believed that there were more opportunities for an association here, in Hungary if it could act with the approval of the international organization, but still independently. The aim was to work closely with other Hungarian initiatives (organizations, film schools, film-related companies etc.), to organize film seminars and conferences independently, and participate as a jury in regional partner film festivals.

Detailed reports on the operation of the association will be available on the website , which is already being developed, but according to the plans we will not only get information about the organization on the website, but we will also find film recommendations, reviews and other film-related news.