Film Prize of the Swedish Church "Angelos" 2023 Awarded in Göteborg

Winning film: "Love you bye" by Annika Fredriksson
Love you bye (Annika Fredriksson)

Still from "Love you bye" by Annika Fredriksson

The documentary "Puss hej då" (Love you bye) by Anna Fredriksson wins the "Angelos" Film Prize of the Swedish Church 2023. The prize was awarded at the 46th Göteborg Film Festival (27. January-5. February, 2023) and is endowed with 50.000 SEK. The jury chose their winner from the Swedish films that premiered at the festival. The award was presented by Bishop Susanne Rappman.

The motivation of the jury reads: "Through evocative and poetic imagery, a personal and engaging narrative is brought to life, focussing on the challenges of togetherness in a time of shifting and changing gender roles.The portrayal goes from private family drama to open social reflection on male, female, parenthood, sisterhood, break-up and reconciliation.Explicit or implicit expectations lead to divisive crises, but the narrative also allows for self-reflection and development. The film "Kiss you bye" both portrays and reflects on private and universal relationship issues and invites meaningful conversations."

Members of the jury were Mikael Ringlander, provost and programme manager (president of the jury), Soia Sjö, Associate Professor of Religious Studies in Turku, Finland, and Christer Nilson, film producer and professor of film production.