23rd Faludi International Film Festival and Photo Competition

The Faludi Ferenc Academy in Budapest announces its 23rd thematic international film festival and the related photo competition. The festival is organized by the laic fellow workers of the Jesuit religious order without any kind of direct religious intentions. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, age or religion. In 2019, an ecumenical jury participated in the festival for the first time.

This year’s theme is IN COMMUNION. Community is, even if digital, our most inner self: we are born into a community and we live through our sorrows and miracles, small and great, in a community. We are born and reborn day after day through the web of our personal offline and online contacts. Community draws us into a space of mutual vulnerability and healing, unfolding the world of connectability even at a distance of a thousand miles, with all its risks and gifts.

Competitors are invited to process this theme in the form of a film or photo. The festival organisers are looking for professionally demanding elaborated works that are suitable for creating a forum, in the language of pictures, for a dialogue between different viewpoints and opinions.

Deadline for entry and submission: 12 October 2020.

See more details on the webpage of the Academy: