Church of Sweden Youth Film Award 2020

Award Ceremony at BUFF Malmö 2020: Church of Sweden Youth Film Award

The director Laurent Micheli was happy and moved to accept the Church of Sweden Youth Film Award for "Lola vers la mer" at BUFF 2020. The photo shows (from left) the host for the award ceremony, jury member Paul Kraus and jury chairperson Katarina Herbert, and on the screen behind them Laurent Micheli.

The Church of Sweden Youth Film Award was presented September 30th at on online award gala sent from Malmö. The winning film is Lola (Lola vers la mer, Belgium/France 2019), directed by Laurent Micheli. The motivation of the jury reads: "Being forced to reconsider those expectations of how life should be is their journey, not their destination. In this road movie unexpected characters and changing conditions help traveling companions confront their difficult relationship and clear a path toward their uncertain future."

In addition, the jury awarded a Commendation, accompanied by an INTERFILM diploma, to La Inocencia (Spain, 2019) directed by Lucía Alemany. "Formative days in the life of a circus performer as a young woman in a small town where everybody knows her name. Facing pressure from all sides to give up her dream before she's even begun, she remains determined, stays true to her dream and finds a way forward", the jury said in their motivation.

Juy members were Katarina Herbert, parish pastor at Husie and St Petri in Malmö, Sweden; Annika Nilsson, youth educator of Västra Skrävlinge parish in Malmö, Sweden; Gilda Naumanen, filmmaker at Carb collective; and Paul Kraus, founder and operator of Hypnos Theatre and chairperson of Föreningen Film in Malmö.

The BUFF International Children and Youth Film Festival in Malmö usually takes place in March but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. At last, on the 27-30th of September a semi digital/actual festival could take place in Malmö and on computers. A most welcome film festival event during these trying times. The Church of Sweden Youth Film Award is chosen from the films of the festival.