Church of Sweden Film Award 2013

Godheten (Stefan Jarl)

At the Göteborg International Film Festival 2013 (January 25 - February 4, 2013) the Angelos, the Church of Sweden Film Award, has been given to "Godheten" (The Goodness) by Stefan Jarl (Sweden 2012). "With convincing earnestness and sense of humor Stefan Jarl in The Goodness /Godheten depicts our money driven society where the value of man and life is marginalized. The Goodness makes us see what we loose," the motivation of the jury reads. The Award carries a prize money of 50.000.- SEK, donated by the Church of Sweden. The members of the Jury were: Mikael Ringlander (chair), minister, Göteborg; Monika Tunbäck-Hanson, film critic, Göteborg; Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson, Dr theol., Stockholm School of Theology.