Church of Sweden Film Award 2011

Jury chooses documentary "Mammas comeback"
Mammas comeback

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The documentary "Mammas Comeback" (A Mother’s Comeback) by Swedish director Åsa Ekman is the winner of the Church of Sweden Film Award 2011. The prize, endowed with 50.000 Swedish Crowns, has been awarded at the Göteborg Film Festival (January 28 – February 7, 2011). Nominees are Swedish films premiering at the festival. The film, says the jury in their motivation, is "a life-affirming story about dignity, integrity and the search for meaning", and "a film which shows how three people reveal qualities of strength, courage and unconditional love and an inspiration to awaken our inner power". Members of the jury were Mikael Ringlander (president of the jury, minister), Michael Kowalski (film pedagogue), Eva Staxäng (communications officer), and Mia Wright (film director).