Church Media Foundation Award at Tampere 2023

Film on the relationship between father and son receives church film prize
Under Construction (Markus Toivo)

Under Construction (Markus Toivo; © Tampere Film Festival)

Director Markus Toivo has been presented with the Church Media Foundation Award at the Tampere Film Festival 2023 for his documentary film "Under Construction". The prize is endowed with 1.500 euros.

The winner was chosen by Juha Rajamäki, vice chair of the Board of the Church Media Foundation.

The motivation for the award states:

“This year, among the 36 programmes in the national competition, there were several programs in accordance with the foundation's award criterias. This winning documentary tells how an adult son is looking for a connection with his father, a connection he couldn't find in his childhood when his father never looked towards him.

The frame narrative of the film is the completion of a metal gate at the end of the road leading to the homestead, a home that father built, but which, decades later, is still partially in progress, like many other things around the yard and perhaps in his life in general. Slowly the son and the father approach each other and new, perhaps hidden, thoughts open for each of them, about each other's lives and about the models of men that they have received in the past. With the completion of the gate, the son and the father also seem to find a way to each other, imperfect but ready to accept each other as they are. Forgiveness and acceptance open the gates to a common path.”

The Church Media Foundation was established 2015 by the 24 largest parish unions and the Church Council of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland. The purpose of the Foundation is to support and promote producing, distributing and broadcasting programs dealing with religion, ethical issues and values. In spite of normal production supports the foundation has awards both in the Oulu International Children and Youth Festival and in Tampere.

The film also won the Main Prize in the National Competition over 30 minutes and the Golden Shade Equipment Rental Prize For Cinematographer.