Angelos Award 2024

In competition with all Swedish feature film premieres at the Göteborg Film Festival, the documentary Om alla bara drar (If Everyone Just Leaves), directed by Karin Wegsjö and Nazira Abzalova, has been awarded the Church of Sweden's film prize, the Angelos Prize, of SEK 50 000. The prize was presented by Bishop Susanne Rappmann in connection with the film's premiere at the 47th Göteborg Film Festival (January 26 - February 4, 2024).

The jury statement reads: "In a solid portrait of a family's life in a suburb, a larger picture of a disintegrating social contract is drawn. The film poses burning questions to all of us. Where are visions expressed not only in words, but through action and presence?  And who will remain if all societal institutions are absent?"

The jury consisted of Paula Wahlbom, director of Frölunda Kulturhus, library, exhibition hall and cinema; Mikael Ringlander, photographer, provost and programme manager (chairman of the jury); and Anne-Louise Eriksson, priest, researcher and former rector of the Church of Sweden's educational institute.