33rd Film Festival Max Ophuels Prize

Festival of German-speaking Young Film
16.01.2012 to 22.01.2012

Awards of the INTERFILM Jury

Dr. Ketel
Dr. Ketel - Der Schatten von Neukölln
Directed by:

A former nurse roaming about the city at night provides medical help for underprivileged people without being a doctor. Pursuing his passion he even doesn’t recoil from burglary and stealing of medication but heals and fosters at places where neither hospitals nor physicians ever arrive at.
The Interfilm Jury recognises this film as an unconventional and inspiring example to address the issue of health and healing, good and bad, just and injust, without offering onedimensional solutions.
DR. KETEL is an extraordinary film which, by mixing various styles with authority, draws a realistic as well as imaginary picture of society.