15th International Film Festival Miskolc

Jameson CineFest
14.09.2018 to 23.09.2018
Ecumenical Jury Miskolc 2018

Ecumenical Jury Miskolc 2018, from left: Attila Csabai, Mariola Marczak, Gabriella Rácsok, Jes Nysten

For the 8th time an ecumenical jury awarded a prize at the International Film Festival Miskolc - Jameson CineFest. The winner, chosen from the 19 films of the section of long feature films, is the Danish production "Den skyldige" (The Guilty), directed by Gustav Möller, which also won the Emeric Pressburger Award, the main prize of the festival. Other award winners are "Posledice" (Consequences), directed by Darko Štante (Slovenia, Austria, 2018; Adolf Zukor Prize), "Napszállta" (Sunset), directed by László Nemes Jeles (Hungary, France, 2018; Special Prize of the Jury) and "Leave No Trace", directed by Debra Granik (USA 2018; Fipresci Prize).

The festival opened with Krzysztof Zanussi's "The Year of the Quiet Sun" from 1984. Zanussi was president of the international jury. The festival honoured him with a special award as "Ambassador of European Cinema".

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The Guilty
Directed by:

The jury awards the film for its capacity to provide impulses for its viewers to reflect on personal moral judgements in everyday life concerning oneself and the other. As part of it, the film also holds up the value of humility towards the other person. The jury also appreciated the way of using traditional genre tools as a means of expression in ethical discourse.

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Gabriella Racsok, member of the Ecumenical Jury in Miskolc 2018, reflects on "The Guilty", winner of the Ecumenical Film Award.
Mariola Marczak, member of the Ecumenical Jury, analyses the prominent issues and aesthetic patterns of the festival programme.