24th Festival International du Films de Fribourg

13.03.2010 to 20.03.2010

The members of the jury (from left): Arielle Domon, Valérie Lange, Vesna Andonovic, Beat Dietschy


Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Directed by:

In Manila, the fates of two grandmothers cross paths: the grandson of one of the women has murdered the grandson of the other. While the victim’s grandmother seeks justice and struggles to scratch together money for his funeral, the culprit’s grandmother fights to have him freed through an extrajudicial financial agreement. Even through the limits between good and evil, victims and perpetrators are well-defined, both grandmothers are united in their struggle for the survival of their families in everyday life. With a documentary precision, the filmmaker transports us into a context that embraces the reality of death, justice, poverty and the quest for honor.