One Future Prize at Filmfest Munich 2017

Jury of the Interfilm Academy awards Italian film "Cuori puri"
Cuori puri (Pure Hearts)

Cuori puri (© Filmfest München)

At the 35th Filmfest Munich, the jury of the Interfilm Academy has awarded the 32nd One Future Prize. The winning film is "Cuori puri" (Pure Hearts, Italy 2017), directed by Roberto de Paolis.

The One Future Prize honours films that express the motto of the award in an ethically and aesthetically convincing manner. It reads: "The people of our century have one indivisible future - One Future."

A press release by the Interfilm Academy on the award says: "Roberto de Paoli's multi-layered debut film opens up a smart and very touching look at the socio-political problems of today's Italy. At first seemingly only a love story about two young people from very different social milieus, the director, born in Rome in 1980, increasingly focuses on the refugee issue. Beyond the borders of Italy, its history is valid for a Europe that must reorient itself in its global responsibility, but also in its inner social constellation."

The honorary prize of the Interfilm Academy was awarded to film producer Arthur Brauner, who will soon be 99 years old. His CCC, which today is headed by his daughter Alice, was founded in 1946. Following the award ceremony, the documentary "Marina, Mabuse and Morituri" by Kathrin Anderson was shown, which honors Brauner's life's work.

Link: Website der Interfilm-Akademie