Celebration for Hans Hodel

INTERFILM's long-time Jury Coordinator and former President honoured at his 80th birthday

Hans Hodel, INTERFILM's jury coordinator since 1989 and President from 2004 to 2013, was honoured with a celebration in Switzerland for his many years of extensive involvement in INTERFILM. The event began in the pilgrimage church of Ligerz on Lake Biel with music by Johann Sebastian Bach and memories of INTERFILM members and supporters of shared experiences and was continued in the cultural center Engel Haus in Twann with a buffet, short films and talks. As a gift, the honoree, who turned 80 in July, received a volume of lyrics and pictures of his friends - alluding to the Locarno Film Festival with a leopard-skin spine and the title "Hans im Glück". The cheerful festivity, to which the wines of the director and winegrower Werner Schweizer were served, had been organized and prepared by the two presidents of Interfilm Switzerland, Brigitte Affolter and Ingrid Glatz-Anderegg, with the support of Christine Ris and Eva Furrer-Haller.