Ingrid Glatz-Anderegg

Minister and educator
Country of origin: 

Born 1953 in Bern, she studied theology in Fribourg and in Bern and was a pastor in Aarwangen until 2018. Currently, she is working on her doctoral thesis about Theology and Film. From 2003 to 2010 she attended courses on “church and film” at Swiss Parish Training. She also participated at seminars during film festivals in Locarno and Lübeck. Since 2015 she serves as co-president of “Interfilm Switzerland”, and since 2019 as Vice President of INTERFILM. In addition, she is INTERFILM's festival delegate at Locarno and Miskolc.




04.11.2020 to 08.11.2020
13.09.2019 to 21.09.2019
10.11.2016 to 20.11.2016
Mannheim and Heidelberg
26.01.2009 to 01.02.2009