36th International Film Festival Karlovy Vary

05.07.2001 to 14.07.2001
Karlovy Vary


Directed by:

A convincing illustration of the way in which the ideal of freedom undergoes continual transformation in history whithout ever being fully attained. The film shows in a novel way that some wars are inevitable and some revolutions are just, and that the individuals are drawn into the logic of their development, willingly or unwillingly.

The Ecumenical Jury commends the film for showing the spiritual dimension of human existence which lasts, while ideologies come and go.

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"Ghost World" portrays an unusually pure relationjship between a young woman and a 40-years old eccentric man who wallows in self-pity and a feeling of disinheritance. The jury commends the film for its tough yet never offensive humour and its subtle symbols of hope which can even change a train or a bus schedule.

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