33rd Festival international de Films de Fribourg

15.03.2019 to 23.03.2019
How Long Will I Love U (Su Lun)

Opening film: "How Long Will I Love U" by Su Lun

Films from Egypt and Syria, from Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, from Afghanistan, China, Korea, Bhutan, Vietnam and Ukraine are competing in the feature-length film of the 33rd Festival International de Friborg and characterize by their origins from the most diverse non-Western countries of the world the festival's profile. Parallel to the competition the festival programme includes the series "Diaspora" on exile and interculturality, "Sur la carte de ...", this year curated by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, "Decrypted", a film selection of French actresses of black African descent and " New Territory "dedicated to films from the Caribbean. The focus on "genre cinema" is dedicated to romantic comedy. One of the twelve films in this series is also the opening film: "How Long Will I Love U" by Su Lun from the People's Republic of China.

Link: Festival website