achtung berlin - new berlin film award 2017

Ecumenical Jury at Film Festival for New German Cinema from Berlin and Brandenburg
Beat Beat Heart

Eröffnungsfilm: "Beat Beat Heart"


The thirteenth edition of achtung berlin - new berlin film award, the festival for new German cinema from Berlin and Brandenburg, has an ecumenical jury again - for the tenth time since 2008 when it awarded a prize first. The festival which opens on April 19 in the Cinema International and will end on April 26 with the award ceremony in the cinema Babylon will screen in those and other Berlin cinemas more than 80 entries - long, medium length, and short films as well as documentaries. Opening film is "Beat Beat Heart" by Luise Brinkmann.

The members of the Ecumenical Jury this year are Karsten Bammel, teacher at a Berlin academic gymnasium, media scholar Anna Grebe, Angelika Obert, former film commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Berlin and Brandenburg and long-time member of the INTERFILM Board, and Frater Leopold Stübner SJ, specialist in communication and photo and video journalist. Their prize is endowed with 1000.- €, donated by Radio Paradiso, a church Christian oriented radio station.